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Teach for the Philippines, Inc. is a non-stock, non-profit, and for-purpose organization that aims to provide all Filipino children with an inclusive, relevant, and excellent education. Determined to realize this vision, we enlist the country’s brightest young leaders in order to teach for two years in public schools across the Philippines.Our asset is the ‘Teacher Fellow’ – a promising young professional with a bias for action and nation-building.

Each Teacher Fellow handles an average class size of ~ 50 to 60 students, a wide range of students of different ages (from 8-16), and a spectrum of learners of varying literacy and numeracy levels and, thus, varying needs.

Through their experiences in the classroom and commitment to the community, Teach for the Philippines shapes our leaders into lifelong advocates for education equity. Our Teacher Fellows commit to keeping education at the top of the national agenda and to restoring prestige to thepublic school teaching profession.  

Teach for the Philippines is a member of the renowned Teach for All network, which captures and shares best practices from 32 countries across the globe (including TeachFirst in the UK and Teach for America in the United States.)


By 2050, all Filipino children will have access to an excellent and relevant education.


We identify, develop, and support a community of leaders working to end educational inequity.

photos: Louie Arcilla

photos: Louie Arcilla


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