AMA Education Foundation


AMA Vietnam Ltd is a non-profit educational foundation based in Singapore that focuses on Vietnam. AMA’s mission is to improve the quality of education in Vietnam gradually by inspiring and improving one teacher at a time. AMA’s scholarship program offers financial and developmental support to teachers and students studying to become future teachers in Vietnam. Their latest project is the Phước Thiện school. In Vietnam, some of the poorest students attend university to become teachers. Unfortunately, teaching is also one of the most under-paid professions in Vietnam, where many struggle to support themselves. Many drop out of the profession if their salaries cannot support themselves and/or their families. Many others are forced to work two jobs in order to meet their rising living costs, which will likely lead to deterioration in the quality of their teaching at school. This is the vicious cycle that AMA strives to change over time.

AMA works to make a tangible impact on each teacher’s life and the quality of their teaching for students in the future. As a result, they can achieve a multiplier effect on the quality of education in Vietnam, addressing poverty and improving lives while advancing educational development in the long run.

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