When working with Give2Asia, U.S. donors enjoy a tax deduction while supporting communities in need across Asia.

  • Maximum tax deductibility: All contributions to Give2Asia are fully deductible, up to established limits, for U.S. Federal and State income tax purposes. Because Give2Asia is a public charity, the tax benefits are better than if you were to create your own private foundation. If you gave directly to an Asian charity, the gift would not be deductible in the U.S.
  • Save on capital gains tax: When you contribute appreciated securities to Give2Asia you avoid paying capital gains tax on the difference between the cost basis of the stock and the current value – yet you are able to take the full value as a tax deduction.
  • Current-year deduction and tax-free growth: For our Advised Grantmaking Funds, you receive an income tax deduction for the full market value of your donation in the year the contribution is made, regardless of when you recommend grant distributions. This makes a Give2Asia fund a great solution in a year when you could most benefit from a large deduction but are not ready to decide where you want to make grants. Give2Asia also accepts distributions from donor advised funds, family foundations, etc.
  • Estate planning tool: Give2Asia funds also can be a useful tool for your estate planning. For example, you may make a Donor Advised Fund the beneficiary of a charitable remainder trust, life insurance policy or qualified IRA assets, or make a testamentary gift to a fund in your Will. Please consult your tax or estate planning advisor to determine the best way to use a Give2Asia fund as part or your estate planning. Your fund can continue to be advised by family members or others you appoint.

Please Note: A contribution to Give2Asia is irrevocable and, upon acceptance, becomes the property of Give2Asia. Give2Asia has exclusive legal control over the assets contributed. Donor advice regarding Give2Asia’s use of contributions is a non-binding recommendation. The Give2Asia Board of Directors makes all final grant decisions in its sole and independent discretion. Contributions to Give2Asia for advised grantmaking can not fulfill a pre-existing pledge to the recommended charity, and donors may not receive any goods, services or other private benefit from the recommended charitable organization. For more information, please review Give2Asia’s policies and procedures as described in the Give2Asia’s User’s Guide, available here