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Qualcomm Employee Matching Organizations

<PH> Qualcomm will match employee contributions up to [amount] to the following organizations through Give2Asia's Fiscal Sponsorship Program. [Any additional directions here]

Organizations in Hong Kong

The Chi Heng Foundation provides direct support to AIDS orphans. Their projects aim to create a harmonious, equal and healthy society through education sponsorship and promoting AIDS prevention, care, and anti-discrimination. "Chi Heng" means "wisdom in action" - using knowledge to help people in need. CHF offers help to all children affected by AIDS, ensuring that no child is excluded and each child's needs are fully understood.

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Organizations in India

Founded by Hella Mundhra in 1983 as a nursing home providing adoption services, care and protection for neglected children, Shishu Mandir is a society that provides a variety of services for poor women and children in the Bangalore area. Programs include providing a home for children, free education programs up to 10th grade, vocational training programs for school dropouts, and a variety of village community development programs including immunizations, hygiene, women's cooperatives, and self-employment programs.

Organizations in Indonesia

Karya Salemba Empat (KSE) is one of the leading institutions providing scholarships for higher education in Indonesia. Their mission is to give scholarships to 10,000 Indonesian university students per year by 2020. They aim to support and prepare these students to become a graduates with integrity, national perspective, and a love for homeland and nation while spreading KSE’s spirit  of “Sharing, Networking, Developing” for a better Indonesia. KSE supports students from all low-income families, and do not consider academic achievement to be the only factor in awarding scholarships. They believe that higher education should be accessible to all.

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Organizations in South Korea

Established in 1948, ChildFund Korea (CFK) is Korea's premier professional child welfare organization. They implement diverse activities to support children's right to live, right to protection, right to develop and right to participate. ChildFund Korea conducts sponsorships for needy children, a child-abuse prevention program, a program supporting severely ill children, a program for protection of children in local society, a foster family program and  lost child prevention programs at 127 work sites.

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Pohang University of Science and Technology (POSTECH) was established to conduct in-depth and broad research in science and engineering, shape talented youth into future global leaders with knowledge and honorable character through excellent education and training, and translate research results into real-world applications. In order to fulfill this purpose, POSTECH not only focuses on advanced research in diverse fields of basic science and engineering by cooperating closely with world‐leading universities, but also strives to develop itself as a global hub for research related to the materials sector. Your generous gifts will be used for various university development projects that cannot be solely funded by the university's operating budget, such as undergraduate programs for creativity and leadership, recruitment of world-renowned faculty, research funds, and facility improvements.


WooriNuri Social Welfare Foundation [Woori ("we") Nuri ("world")] designs special educational, cultural and therapeutic programs for underprivileged children and youth by means of connecting diverse resources of aid and creating a family-like experience essential to their sound growth. Its major programs include: educational and cultural welfare support, the WooriNuri study room, counseling support, and family support.


Organizations in Taiwan

Taiwan Mennonite New Dawn Educare Center

Taiwan Mennonite New Dawn Educare Center (NDEC) aims to accommodate the multifaceted needs of individuals and families affected by intellectual disability. By providing much-needed resources, NDEC helps the mentally challenged and their families to find belonging, purpose, and hope. NDEC provide a wide range of services targeted at assisting intellectually disabled individuals, including residential care, day care, independent living services, career services, and social engagement activities. NDEC acts as the leading service provider in supporting and empowering those with intellectual disabilities to live a life of independence, holistic personal development, and health.


The Garden of Hope Foundation helps disadvantaged girls and young women, especially girls caught in the sex industry, survivors of sexual abuse and domestic violence, and survivors of human trafficking. It was established in 1988 by US missionary Angie Golman as a halfway house for girls who had fallen victims of the sex trade. In the Christian spirit of faith, hope and charity, GOH continued to work on the prevention and eradication of sexual assault, sexual exploitation and domestic violence against women and girls. Today, GOH has nearly 400 staff at some 50 service points, including shelters, halfway homes, helplines, counseling centers, legal advice centers, and transitional workplaces in Taiwan and other parts of the world. GOH also plays an active role in the civil society and it is a charter member of Taiwan NPO Self Regulation Alliance.

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