Request for Proposal: Give2Asia & the International Institute of Rural Reconstruction Announce Support for Disaster Preparedness & Resiliency in Asia

San Francisco, CA - Today, Give2Asia and the International Institute of Rural Reconstruction (IIRR) announce support for disaster preparedness and resiliency programs in six of the most vulnerable and under-served South and Southeast Asian countries. The program, supported by a three-year $1.5 million grant from the Margaret A. Cargill Foundation, will connect the international philanthropic community with local charitable groups preparing for natural disasters and climate change in the following countries:

  • Bangladesh
  • India
  • Indonesia
  • Myanmar
  • The Philippines
  • Vietnam

Give2Asia and IIRR invite local non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and community-based organizations (CBOs) to submit concept notes for funding consideration. One-year projects up to $25,000 and two-year projects up to $50,000 will be considered for funding from the Give2Asia & IIRR NGO Disaster Preparedness Fund. To be eligible, organizations must be properly registered within their country and be able to legally receive foreign funding. The full Request for Proposal can be viewed at

“Around the world, communities are struggling to adapt to the new realities of climate change, including rising sea levels, saline intrusion and increasing severity and frequency of natural disasters. Nowhere in the world is this felt more acutely than within South and Southeast Asia,” said Matt Grager, Disaster Preparedness Program Director at Give2Asia. To address this issue, Give2Asia and IIRR are connecting the international donor community to the most effective and innovative local charitable groups preparing for natural disasters and climate change in their communities.”

NGOs and CBOs that submit proposals will also be considered for further opportunities, including fiscal sponsor partnerships with Give2asia, fundraising opportunities from US-based corporate and individual donors, and Community-Managed Disaster Risk Reduction training and consultations through IIRR.

“Time and experience have told us that even before the modern concepts of disaster risk reduction, preparedness and adaptation came into fashion local communities always have unique and novel ways that allow them to persist and survive in a constantly changing world,” said Wilson John Barbon, Project Manager and specialist on community resilience building at IIRR. “Given the right mix of technical and financial support, local communities can offer innovative approaches to community disaster preparedness and resilience. This program will identify these approaches, build upon their experiences and share them with the world.”

Give2Asia Disaster Programs

Give2Asia has responded to 40 natural disasters in the Asia Pacific region during the past 10 years. Give2Asia’s strategy is to support recovery by partnering with local charitable groups based in affected communities and to engage in multi-year programs to support rebuilding, economic recovery, psychosocial programs and other unmet needs. Give2Asia reports back to donors on every dollar spent.

About the International Institute of Rural Reconstruction

The International Institute of Rural Reconstruction (IIRR) is a community development and hands-on training organization with more than 50 years of experience. IIRR has implemented people-centered, sustainable development programs in Africa, Latin America and Asia; today, maintains a strong presence in East Africa and Southeast Asia. Strategically located in the Global South, IIRR runs its programs from the field. While it is registered as a 501 (c)(3) non- profit organization in the U.S. and has its headquarters in the Philippines, all senior decision- makers are located in the field. It is important that IIRR staff hail from the region where they work, allowing its programs to be locally-relevant, tailored, and community-driven.

IIRR Disaster Risk Reduction Program

IIRR’s disaster risk reduction program framework, called Community Managed Disaster Risk Reduction (CMDRR), builds the capacities of communities to reduce and manage their disaster risks. CMDRR enables communities to facilitate participatory disaster risk assessment, use these assessments for planning and preparedness, mobilize community members to be involved in risk reduction and facilitate learning. It has championed CMDRR in East Africa and in Asia. It has worked in many of the most at risk communities from the arid regions in East Africa to flood-prone poor communities in the Philippines. IIRR has also started to integrate natural resources management, food security and livelihoods development and health in CMDRR.