Give2Asia Launches Sichuan Earthquake Response Campaign; Over $1 Million Raised Within First 24 Hours

Beijing, China - Give2Asia, a US-based social enterprise with China operations based in Beijing, and Give2Asia Hong Kong, serving Asia-based philanthropy, together launched a campaign to help communities suffering following the 6.6 magnitude quake that struck Sichuan Province on Saturday, April 20.

On April 20 and 21, Give2Asia’s local team assessed needs both immediate and long-term. Over the first 24-hour period of the campaign, Give2Asia raised $1.1 million, including $1 million from the PepsiCo Foundation.

According to the latest reports, the quake, centered near the city of Ya’an in rural Lushan County, affected 1.5 million people, injured 11,000 and killed over 180. In 2008, an 8.0 quake that struck nearby killed 80,000.

“Give2Asia’s staff in Beijing is in contact with regional partners currently assisting the grieving, the injured and the displaced,” said Xiao Rong, Representative for China at Give2Asia. “We want to provide support for these local organizations from international donors to aid their efforts in saving lives now and in rebuilding livelihoods down the road.”

  • US-based donors can support the Give2Asia Sichuan Earthquake Fund 2013 at
  • Asia-based donors can support the Give2Asia Sichuan Earthquake Fund 2013 at

All gifts will be used for relief and recovery efforts in partnership with local organizations

“Our staff on the ground has conveyed the devastation resulting from Saturday’s quake,” said Gillian Yeoh, Give2Asia’s Disaster Program Lead. “Our role in this tragedy is to ensure that efforts today and over the next several months are as effective as possible in helping local communities recover.”

About Give2Asia

Following the Sichuan earthquake in May 2008, Give2Asia raised $16 million for 56 projects with over 40 different local partners. Give2Asia has responded to over 35 disasters in Asia since its founding in 2001.

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