Give2Asia Launches Disaster Recovery Fund for Victims of South Asia Flooding

San Francisco, CA Social enterprise Give2Asia is mobilizing disaster response efforts with local and international partners in order to support communities in areas of Bangladesh, India, Nepal, and Pakistan battered by monsoon rains.

Unusual monsoon storms and flooding, attributed to climate change, have exacerbated the devastation, displacing and evacuating hundreds of thousands and affecting millions in high-risk areas. India has declared a state of emergency in its north and north-eastern states, with total damage exceeding US $1 billion. Bangladeshi government estimates over 3 million affected, 325,000 displaced, 34,000 homes destroyed, and 200,000 damaged. Nepal has experienced severe landslides, and flooding that has affected approximately 225,000 people. Pakistan has experienced heavy rains and floods, affecting nearly 30,000 people. Devastation and disaster of this scale are destructive, damaging food security, livelihood, and public health infrastructures.

"It has only been in (the state of) Jammu & Kashmir that local response has been relatively strong," noted Give2Asia's Northern India Field Advisor, Surya Loonker. "However in other states, the response has been negligble and there is a high demand for basic, day-to-day necessities."

To steer effective support towards local relief and recovery efforts, Give2Asia is launching a fundraising platform 2014 South Asia Monsoon Disaster Recovery Fund available at Give2Asia’s field advisors are identifying the most urgent needs for relief as well as short-term and long-term recovery, which will be more focused on restoring and deversifying sources of livelihood, as well as rebuilding basic infrastructure that is vital to the region. 

About Give2Asia Disaster Response

Give2Asia’s strategy is to support recovery by partnering with local groups based within affected communities and to engage in multi-year programs to support rebuilding, economic recovery, psychosocial programs and other needs that may arise following a disaster. Give2Asia reports back to donors on every dollar spent. 

Contributions to the 2014 South Asia Monsoon Disaster Recovery Fund goes to support immediate relief and long-term recovery efforts of affected communities. Organizations or individuals interested in supporting through advised grants to local charitable organizations should contact Give2Asia at