Give2Asia and The Alliance Cultural Foundation Partner for Taiwanese Indigenous Communities

San Francisco, CA  Today, Give2Asia, a U.S.-based public nonprofit promoting transformative philanthropy for Asia, announces a new fiscal sponsor partnership to bring sustainable development and employment to the Hualien-Taidong region of Taiwan. The partnership with The Alliance Cultural Foundation will help provide educational programs, business advisory services, arts, culture and eco-tourism to the area which is home to many indigenous tribes, but whose economic development and resources fall short of their rich cultural traditions. Through its partnership with Give2Asia, The Alliance Cultural Foundation will be able to network and fundraise with its donor base and supporters in the United States.

Give2Asia currently provides fiscal sponsorship to over 140 world-class organizations in Asia, helping them build their programs, expand their impact, and further develop Asia’s nonprofit sector. 

“By providing aborigine youth with education, training, and employment opportunities in the arts, culture, and eco-tourism sectors in Taidong, Alliance hopes to help these young people find self- confidence and realize their potentials, thereby allowing the aborigine minority to find a voice for their cultural identity and a stage for their talents,” said Stanley Yen, Chairman of The Alliance Cultural Foundation. “By preserving Taidongs rich cultural heritage and unsurpassed natural beauty, young people will be able to restore their family unity, re-build their homes and find dignity as productive individuals.”

The Alliance Cultural Foundation has served the Hualien-Taidong region of Taiwan since 2009. It provides tuition-free education to students from economically disadvantaged families through the Junyi School for Innovative Learning, consulting services for indigenous businesses, and employment training for local youth.

Supporters of The Alliance Cultural Foundation can now donate online by visiting http://