Give2Asia is a partner to philanthropists wishing to support innovative charitable groups and projects across the Asia-Pacific region. Because many of our partners wish to fundraise with friends and peers, Give2Asia has established a set of guidelines to ensure fundraising events are managed properly.

PLEASE NOTE: Give2Asia does not provide financial or legal advice, and we always recommend that donors and fundraisers consult with their financial advisor or lawyer.

If you are considering a fundraising event to support a cause or project at Give2Asia, please keep in mind the following:


  • All credit card and check donations or transactions (e.g. ticket purchases) must be made directly to Give2Asia in order for Give2Asia to issue a tax receipt.
  • Donors can claim a tax deduction for the price of their ticket minus the value of any food, products or services included as part of the ticket purchase.
  • Individuals may only receive a tax deduction by giving directly to Give2Asia. Donors whose contributions are pooled into another donor’s check will not receive a tax receipt.
  • No cash donations or transactions are eligible for a tax receipt from Give2Asia.
  • Give2Asia does not manage ticket sales from its own site. Give2Asia will contract with a third-party ticket vendor that you, the organizer, identify and that Give2Asia approves.
  • For a tax deduction, ticket sales at the door should be made by check, credit card via Event Receipt Form, or online access to Give2Asia’s credit card processing page. See the Form section at the bottom of this page for the Event Receipt Form.


  • Give2Asia must issue all tax receipt letters for in-kind donations. You, the organizer, are responsible for tracking the details of the donations (e.g. 4 cases of wine). Documentation verifying the details of the donation must be submitted to Give2Asia no less than 48 hours before the scheduled event. This documentation should be an official receipt from the group or individual donating the item.
  • Give2Asia’s tax receipt letter will describe the donated item, and it will be up to the donor to estimate the value of the item when filing their tax returns.
  • Volunteer work hours and other professional services can not be claimed for a tax deduction. For complete IRS guidelines on charitable tax deductions please see IRS Publication 526.


  • The responsibility for organizing an auction is yours, and Give2Asia requires that you track the value of auction items, the winning bids and the contact information for the winning bidders.
  • To effectively run an auction benefiting a Give2Asia fund, we recommend you assign your own staff to track these details; or that you work with another business or nonprofit to manage the event, receive all revenue associated with the auction items, and then distribute the proceeds to Give2Asia.
  • Winners do not receive a tax deduction unless the fair market value (FMV) of the item they receive is less than the amount of their bid. In that case, Give2Asia will issue a tax-deductible receipt only for the amount paid over and above the FMV.


  • The organizer must include the Give2Asia logo on all marketing materials, and make it clear to all donors and attendees that the fundraiser is for Give2Asia, which has exclusive legal control over all contributions. Events must be advertised as “Sponsored by Give2Asia, for the benefit of the [Insert Give2Asia Fund Name] Fund.” All marketing materials must be approved by Give2Asia, and opies of all final marketing materials must be provided to Give2Asia for audit purposes.
  • Give2Asia will provide a logo and basic organization description as content for your event materials. Our approved logo files can be found at
  • Give2Asia does not provide event coordination services.
  • Give2Asia will post an announcement about your event on its website, and may include news about the event in its monthly newsletter if given enough advance notice.
  • If you anticipate raising $20,000 or more and make a request to us, Give2Asia will endeavor to attend your event and have a spokesperson make a specific presentation about the charitable cause behind your fundraiser.
  • Give2Asia does not typically staff events in order to collect donations.


  • Give2Asia Event Receipt Form: Use this form to track every onsite ticket sale and donation made by attendees at your event. This form is receipt kept by you to share with Give2Asia, and is not the receipt donors use to claim a tax deduction. That receipt will be sent separately by Give2Asia directly. Click here to download (Word Doc; 73Kb).
  • Give2Asia Auction Receipt Form: Use this form to track every winning bid at your auction. Click here to download (Word Doc; 73Kb).
  • Give2Asia Auction Tracking Spreadsheet: Use this spreadsheet to track the value of all items and services donated for your auction, and to track winning bids. Click here to download (Excel spreadsheet; 38Kb).