Give2Asia's Fiscal Sponsorship program offers Asia-based charitable and educational organizations a convenient and cost-effective way to accept tax-deductible contributions from supporters in the United States. We take care of the day-to-day administration, accounting, legal and reporting requirements, and other costs, making it simpler to connect US-based donors to the charitable causes they are passionate about.

What is a Fiscal Sponsorship Fund? A Fiscal Sponsorship Fund is an alternative to establishing and maintaining a United States nonprofit entity, relieving Asia-based organizations of many administrative, accounting, and reporting requirements, as well as legal fees and other costs.  Supporters receive United States tax deductions on their gifts to a Fiscal Sponsorship Fund at Give2Asia. We then collect these contributions and make lump sum distributions, administered as grants as laid out in the Fund Agreement.  

How Do We Help Asia-based Groups? Fiscal sponsorship funds help charitable groups focus their time and resources on fundraising, rather than gifts administration. For many organizations, the cost of maintaining a US nonprofit is prohibitive despite the fundraising opportunities that exist with their supporters based in the US.

Cost Effective. Rather than establish a US nonprofit, you can offer your supporters a US tax deduction for their gift.

Secure. Offer your US supporters a secure giving platform operated by a reputable partner that specializes in handling donations bound for Asia.

Flexible. Supporters can choose to give by check, credit card, securities or wire transfer. Supporters will receive a tax receipt after their contribution.

Easy to Start. You can start the process of setting up a fiscal sponsorship fund today with an initial application fee. Give2Asia then moves forward with a Due Diligence Review, which makes your organization eligible for future advised grants as well as gifts to your fund.

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