Disaster Relief

In the wake of a disaster, immediate relief is on everyone’s mind.

Medical services, water, food, and temporary shelter are all critical to a successful response. One part of a complete response is to help those local organizations already in the community, which deliver relief services that people desperately need. Give2Asia helps corporations mobilize immediate and direct support for these local organizations.

Over the past 15 years, Give2Asia has built a network of 2,000 local partners, including community-based organizations providing disaster relief services locally. This network is the key to being able to provide an immediate relief response when a disaster strikes.


How it Works


Case Study

November & December 2015 – Flooding in Chennai, India:


As the need for immediate assistance became clear in November 2015, Give2Asia leveraged relationships with immediate responders such as Bhumi and the DEAN Foundation to provide immediate, community-based assistance to those in need.