Long-term disaster recovery

It takes months, sometimes years, for communities to recover from a disaster. Long after the headlines fade, families still struggle with loss.  This includes the loss of family members, income, homes, schools, and the basic normalcy of their lives. We believe local groups are the best partners for recovery because they share in the social benefits of long-term success.

Give2Asia has helped local communities meet their long-term recovery needs following over 40 natural disasters in Asia. No disaster is the same as another, and Give2Asia works with the specific needs of each affected community. Typically, the areas of focus include:

  • Psycho-social services for children/adults suffering from stress following a disaster. 
  • Rebuilding homes/schools using appropriate designs, materials and best practices. 
  • Economic recovery, especially livelihood services, lending, and skills retraining. 
  • Longer-term access to health/education services that are otherwise not available.


How It Works


Case Study

November 2013 – Super Typhoon Yolanda in the Philippines:

Yolanda was the strongest storm to ever strike land, and it changed the way the Philippines thinks about disasters. Today, over two years after the disaster, Give2Asia remains working in Guiuan – one of the hardest hit areas – to help local organizations provide recovery assistance, carry out skills training, and rebuild homes.