Disaster Preparedness


While communities in Asia have been coping with cycles of disasters for centuries, the scale and frequency of natural disasters in the past two decades is unprecedented. Over 50% of large natural disasters in the past 10 years took place in Asia. Community-based training and information sharing is key to improving how those most at risk are prepared for the next big disaster.

In the past three years, Give2Asia has convened over 150 local organizations based within the six most at-risk countries in Asia to understand local disaster preparedness practices, and to help promote international support for locally-focused preparedness programs.  In addition, Give2Asia has developed a catalog of preparedness projects in South and Southeast Asia that would benefit from funding.

Give2Asia has the ability to work in local communities almost anywhere in Asia in order to complete trainings on disaster preparedness, carry out assessments of need, and brought together multiple groups to share ideas for implementing programs. 


How It Works

Case Study

2014 thru 2016 – NGO Disaster Preparedness Program

Starting in six countries in South and Southeast Asia, Give2Asia is working in partnership with the Margaret A. Cargill Foundation and the International Institute for Rural Reconstruction to understand how the most at-risk communities deal with recurring and increasing threats from natural disasters. We do this so that other communities might learn from their experience.

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