New Projects in China

- April 2018 -

The following projects have recently been approved as a part of our advised grantmaking programs in China. The new Overseas NGO Law and subsequent activity plan approval has allowed Give2Asia to be one of the few channels for sending funds to China. These projects provide a snapshot of the impact we are having in the region. 


Nutritious Meals for Children

China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation

Over 70M people in rural China still live in poverty, including one-fifth of the nation's children. Founded in 1989, China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation (CFPA) is the largest and most influential poverty-alleviation NGO in China. Launched in 2008, CFPA's "Nutritious Meals" program has been working to meet the basic dietary requirements of students in poor areas, while using its influence to attract support from civil society to implement nutrition education. This grant through CPFA aims to address malnutrition in disadvantaged areas by providing food to approximately 4,600 children in Yunnan and Guizhou provinces across 15-18 schools, and providing nutrition education to parents, teachers and students. CFPA has designed the contents of these meals according to nutrition suggestions for school-aged and disadvantaged children as advised by China Centers for Disease Control experts. By the end of the project, approximately 1,920,000 extra meals will have been provided.


Water Cellars & Green Village

China Women's Development Foundation

China Women's Development Foundation (CWDF) works toward improving and safeguarding women's legal rights and interests and advancing causes for women. This grant will support the Water Cellars for Mothers - Green Village Program, which aims to educate villagers on environmental and drinking water safety, as well as create green villages in five counties in Northern China. This program will work in 120 villages to construct water supply facilities, build household lavatories and rural garbage management systems, and set up water and community environment public education stations in each village. Training will be carried out in these stations on health and environmental protection for roughly 200,000 people from the surrounding villages.


Global Month of Service

Horizon Corporate Volunteer Center (Beijing)

With China's rapid social and economic development, many social problems have been highlighted and amplified in modern Chinese society. These issues include environmental pollution, movement of population, income disparity, the educational gap, and low levels of care and service. Horizon Corporate Volunteer Consultancy (HCVC) works to build a resource matching platform to maximize volunteer service efficiency in China around these challenges. This grant will mobilize 2,000 volunteers from the donor organization as they conduct community service programs in 9 Chinese cities for the benefit of approximately 25,000 community members. The community service programs include environmental protection, clean-up and preservation of cultural sites, vegetable planting and beautification projects, life skills training, and work with people with disabilities.