Find below a list of funds for supporting projects in China.

Asian Youth Orchestra (AYO)
Asian Youth Orchestra (AYO) serves as a platform for highlighting Asia's brightest young musicians on a global arena, and exposes them to rich and varied artistic experiences through opportunities for exchange, study and performance. Learn more and donate.

Beijing Cultural Heritage Protection Center
Beijing Cultural Heritage Protection Center was established in 1998 and registered with Beijing Bureau of Civil Affairs. It aims to protect Chinese cultural heritage by delivering trainings and lectures to arouse national public awareness of cultural heritage protection in China. Learn more and donate.

Chi Heng Foundation
CHF supports over 8,000 AIDS-impacted children by funding their education and living expenses. The organization encourages the orphaned children to live with their relatives in their native villages so that they can integrate in the local community and schools. CHF also provides psycho-social support services through art therapy, memory books, summer camps and other activities. Learn more and donate.

China Children Insurance Foundation
CCTF has established the China Children Insurance Foundation (CCIF) to help children fight against critical illnesses and severe injuries. Under CCIF's charity plan, every US$3 donated will provide US$15K of protection for a needy child for one year against critical illnesses and injuries. Learn more and donate.

China Development Brief Fund
China Development Brief (CDB) is dedicated to strengthening China's civil society organizations by keeping them and their supporters informed and networked. It is China's longest-running independent nonprofit organization reporting on and promoting civil society developments in China. Learn more and donate.

China Grassroots NGO Support Fund
As the majority of donated funds in China go to government-organized NGOs and local governments, many community organizations find themselves in difficult financial situations. In addition to the 450,000 officially-registered social organizations, foundations and non-profits, there are several million independent and innovative grassroots organizations that are self-organized to provide a wide spectrum of much-needed social services to their communities. Learn more and donate.

Fuyang AIDS Orphan Salvation Association (AOS)
The Fuyang AIDS Orphan Salvation Association (AOS) is one of the few community-based, non-governmental organizations that specifically supports children affected by HIV/AIDS. Learn more and donate.

Global Village of Beijing
Global Village of Beijing is a non-governmental and non-profit organization dedicated to enviromental education and civil society strengthening. Learn more and donate.

Gwen Moore Children of China Fund
The Gwen Moore Children of China Fund began providing funding to educate poor, rural children in remote Luodian County, Guizhou Province, China, in 1996. Learn more and donate.

International Rice Research Fund
The IRRI Fund Singapore seeks to raise money for rice research that will ensure enough rice for all Asians, while protecting the environment and providing a healthy, sustainable and profitable lifestyle for Asia’s millions of poor rice farmers. Learn more and donate.

Jane Goodall Institute – Shanghai Roots & Shoots
Shanghai Roots & Shoots is a best in class environmental education and community service non-profit organization located in Shanghai, China. Learn more and donate.

JUCCCE Fund (Joint US-China Collaboration on Clean Energy)
JUCCCE is one of the only NGOs focused on actionable energy efficiency programs on the ground in China. Learn more and donate.

Lan Cun Education Project
This project will provide hot lunches and a safe place for students to congregate at the Lan Cun (Blue Village) Primary School, located deep in the western mountains of the Guangdong province in China. Learn more and donate.

Nankai University
Nankai University is a comprehensive university located in Tianjin, China near Beijing. This fund supports the Nankai International Business Forum's scholarships and cultural activities. Learn more and donate.

New Philanthropy Partners Limited Fund
New Philanthropy Partners (NPP), the first venture philanthropy organization in China, was established in 2006. Learn more and donate.

Photovoices International
Photovoices International empowers people through photography by providing cameras and photography training for people to document important issues in their lives including the environment and traditional culture. Learn more and donate.

Essential Learning Group
The Essential Learning Group provides special education consulting and services to expatriate and Chinese families with autistic children in the family. Services include training, cultural exchange, and research opportunities for Chinese and foreign professionals working in special education. Learn more and donate.

Shen Wen Ying Teng Family Fund
The Shen Wen Ying Teng Family Fund supports students at Wuxi High School and Chongqing University in China through the Jinyu Scholarship Program. This scholarship program is established by Shen Wen Ying Teng who was born in Wuxi and studied at Chongqing University. Learn more and donate.

Sichuan University
This fund is to support Sichuan University in China. Learn more and donate.

Spring Sprouts Kitchen Fund
The Spring Sprouts project from the Amway Charity Foundation (ACF) closes the gap between government stipends and ensuring rural Chinese children receive nutritious meals while at school. Learn more and donate.

Synergy Social Ventures
Synergy Social Ventures believes in helping social ventures build strong and effective organizations in order to reach their potential. They define social ventures as for-profit, non-profit or hybrid organizations that use innovative business models to solve social and environmental problems. Learn more and donate.

The Eastern Tibet Training Institute
Founded in 2005, The Eastern Tibet Training Institute seeks to address educational and vocational gaps in rural areas of Eastern Tibet. As the economy of areas in Southwestern China is changing rapidly, many rural ethnic minorities are ill-equipped to take advantage of the resultant opportunities. A rapidly growing economy also brings social challenges that impact social and environmental aspects of traditional societies. Learn more and donate.

Ting-kai Fund
The Ting-kai Fund supports various causes in Asia, including the Beijing Stars and Rain Education Institute for Autism in China. Learn more and donate.

University of Electronic Science and Technology of China
This fund supports the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China. Learn more and donate.

Yellow Sheep River Fund
Yellow Sheep River is a charity program, founded by Town & Talent Technologies Inc. in 2005, to help educational improvement and economic development in western China. Learn more and donate.

YK Pao School, China
YK Pao School is a pioneering not-for-profit school that aims to educate leaders of tomorrow’s China with a mission to develop the whole person, provide a foundation in Chinese language and culture as well as an international perspective. The School’s education combines academic rigour with an emphasis on sports and arts supported by a strong values program. Learn more and donate.