Carter Tseng

Chairman, Little Dragon Foundation

Dr. Tseng has over 25 years of valuable experience in the highly competitive Information and Communication Industries where he became a CEO at an early age. He was a co-founder of Microtek, the world class leader in the Image Scanner industry, one of the first and most successful IPO companies based in the prestigious Taiwan Science Park. Since retiring from active corporate management, Dr. Tseng has drawn on his rich experience and turned his attention to teaching and mentoring the CEO’s of tomorrow, as well as serving on the advisory boards of many large companies.

Prior to returning to Taiwan in 1980, Dr. Tseng worked for over 10 years in USA based companies such as Lockheed, Xerox, and NRL where he held increasingly responsible positions in such areas as system design, technical marketing and Hi-Tech enterprise management. As a skillful negotiator, Dr. Tseng used his skills and entrepreneurial talents to secure many highly lucrative OEM, ODM, and distribution contracts with large globally recognized companies such as Siemens, Philips, Hitachi, GEC, Data I/O, Panasonic, Rockwell, and NEC.

After graduating with a Bachelor of Science in electrical engineering from National Taiwan University in 1970, Dr. Tseng earned his Masters, then Doctoral degrees in Computer Science and Electronics Engineering from UCLA. He holds patents for Keyboardless Input Method and has been active in publications.

For the last 10 years, Dr. Tseng has been Chairman of the Little Dragon Foundation, whose mission is to guide entrepreneurs of tomorrow. At the same time, he has also held seats on the boards of several Hi-Tech technology enterprises and educational organizations. He continues to serve as Vice Chairman of Arlotto and director of AIPTEK and Arima, Overseas Director of Canada National Institute of Nano-Technology, and Chief Advisor of China National Nano-Technology Application Center.

Dr. Tseng is a Director of the USA-based “Committee of 100” and is Co-founder of ECO Foundation for environment. He is the special advisor to Tsinghua University President and EMBA Professor. He also serves as Business Advisory Council (BAC) member for the University of Alberta, Canada. His academic posts have included Adjunct Professorships at City University of Hong Kong, University of Alberta (Canada), and as CEO Training Professor at Tsinghua University. He is also a Co-founder of Monte Jade Science & Technology Association (USA).

Dr. Tseng received a prestigious “Friendship Award” from the Chinese government in 2008, one of the highest-level state awards given to foreign citizens. He also received the “2004 Distinguished Achievement Award” from CIE (Chinese Institute of Engineers, USA) in recognition of his “pioneering work and leadership in high-tech industry” and “contribution in education on industrial management”

Dr. Tseng is very happily married with a daughter studying at Harvard University and presently divides his time among Beijing, Taiwan and USA in order to fulfill his many global commitments.