Stepping up for Survivors of the South Asia Floods


By Birger Stamperdahl, President & CEO, Give2Asia

When over 1,000 people die from seasonal floods in South Asia, it is easy to ask the question “Why were we not better prepared?”  Across India, Bangladesh, and Nepal, the death toll has climbed to an unusually high number over the past 6 weeks, with millions of people displaced.

For both relief and preparedness, working at the local level is a fundamental belief behind Give2Asia’s work. It is why we fund programs and initiatives from the local leaders who are the most personally committed to the long-term sustainability of the solutions that Give2Asia seeks to support.

Give2Asia is privileged to be supporting Facebook’s effort to reach local, affected communities in response to the South Asia floods: Facebook has made a $1 million commitment to relief in India, Bangladesh, and Nepal. Their efforts will support Goonj and Sustainable Environment and Ecological Development Society (SEEDS) in India, BRAC in Bangladesh, and other local projects in Nepal.

Give2Asia is mobilizing its entire donor network at this time and encourages you to join us in support of these communities. Click here to contribute.

Preparing for Annual Monsoons

However, this work needs to be done with the awareness that monsoons in South Asia are an annual event. As we work with local communities, Give2Asia is increasingly looking at preparedness. Give2Asia is now entering the fourth year of a five-year disaster preparedness program focusing on eight countries in South and Southeast Asia, and Nepal and Bangladesh are part of this effort. Please see here to understand the impact of preparedness work in these communities and the challenges building funding partners for ongoing efforts.