VIDEO: Maher - "Sister Heart" Documentary

 © rocafilm 

© rocafilm 

Maher ("Mother's Home" in Marathi) is an interfaith and caste-free organization founded in 1997 by Sister Lucy Kurien, and works to provide shelter and care to disenfranchised women and children in crisis in rural India. Framed by a model of women healing women, many of its social workers are housemothers are women who had previously sought help from Mather. It also conducts large outreach activities as well as organizes hundreds of "Self-Help Groups," micro-loan cooperatives of about 10 to 20 women and some men.

Maher and Sister Lucy were the subjects of a documentary film Sister Heart released last year by rocafilm. To watch the full-length film for free on Vimeo, purchase or rent using the promo code: New_Life.

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