Cambodia-based NGO Delivers Clean Water to Rural Schools

Give2Asia Intern Elizabeth Rogers writes about SCVD and their new Indiegogo campaign to bring safe drinking water to schools in rural Cambodia 

Since 2012 SCVD and Give2Asia have been partnered together to provide day to day administration, legal and accounting services and connect with other local community organizations in addition to connecting SCVD with US based donors. 

First founded in 2008, Social Capital Venture Development is a Cambodia-based NGO that spent their first year researching the biggest issues facing peoples in rural Cambodia. From their findings they determined to devote their energies towards improving the state of health and drinking water of the region. They have been accomplishing this by focusing on education and awareness within the communities they enter. Over the years they have partnered with other larger NGOS and INGOS such as Tzu Chi Medical Mission, Oxfam, and Operation Smile. They have provided clean drinking water to communities and organizations as well as supporting general health and health care within Cambodia.

Today SCVD's mission is to provide clean, affordable water  to improve health and hygiene. In 2014, SCVD developed a new bicycle pump system, using two Hyflux ultra filtration filters to produce 1,000 liters of clean, safe water per hour. Their unique design has several substantial advantages such as the dual filter system. This means that the filters wear out slower because the water is being ‘back flushed’ from one filter to another. According to SCVD, the system is easy enough to operate that even children can do it. This gives it another advantage as they have been implementing it primarily in schools where the water is stored 20-liter containers with taps. Placed in classrooms for the children’s use during the school day., the children are also able to fill their bottles to bring the water home with them after school. Give2Asia is proud to support SCVD in their latest efforts including their new Indiegogo fundraising campaign. Please check out their video and click the link below to learn more about this campaign. 


SCVD is currently seeking additional funds to provide 50 more schools with these systems. To learn more and donate to their project visit their Indiegogo campaign