Requesting Proposals: Disaster Preparedness & Resiliency Programs

  Give2Asia's Yolanda recovery efforts in the Philippines include providing school supplies to children in the affected areas

Give2Asia's Yolanda recovery efforts in the Philippines include providing school supplies to children in the affected areas

Earthquakes, tsunamis, and landslides have shaken communities  across all continents over the past decade, bringing focus to natural disasters and climate change impact, as the 2013 Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report highlight. We have witnessed disasters in Aceh, Indonesia in 2004; Sichuan Province, China in 2008; Tohoku, Japan in 2011; and Eastern Samar, Philippines in 2013.

The material damage is certainly severe--homes, buildings, and entire cities are affected. Yet, it is the human impact that grips us all. In the face of lost lives and recovering communities, international disaster philanthropy has responded in force--growing investment from individuals, foundations, and corporations are supporting local groups in affected areas. Give2Asia has worked with international donors and local groups to implement long-term and locally-managed disaster response efforts that has highlighted community resilience,  and this approach proven effective at rebuilding homes, communities, and economic activity in disaster affected areas.

Asia especially is a region heavily impacted by disasters and climate change. The region is vulnerable because of environmental and social issues that compound disaster problems, including extreme weather patterns and poor infrastructure.  In fact, the New Zealand Herald reports that, "There were $41 billion weather disasters in the world last year, the second highest number behind only 2010, according to insurance firm Aon Benfield, which tracks global disasters." The infrastructural and human impact is why  Give2Asia has focused supported recovery efforts in the region. However, natural disasters and climate change are occurring with increasing frequency and even during recovery efforts--it is clear that responding is no longer enough. We must be better prepared for disasters rather than only reacting to them. Many sectors recognize this, as reflected by the 2014 IPCC report on climate change Impacts, Adaptation, and Vulnerability.

IIRR community efforts in Disaster Risk Reduction & Climate Change Adaptation

  IIRR community efforts in Disaster Risk Reduction & Climate Change Adaptation

IIRR community efforts in Disaster Risk Reduction & Climate Change Adaptation

Give2Asia also recognizes the importance of strong communities, so we are working with the International Institute of Rural Reconstruction (IIRR) through our Disaster Preparedness and Resiliency Programs. This program builds on Give2Asia'as 40 disaster response campaigns since 2004 and IIRR's 50 years of experience in local, community-inclusive efforts. Together, we aim to strengthen projects in disaster preparedness, risk reduction, and resilience building.

For our program, we are requesting local non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and community-based organizations (CBOs) from 6 South and Southeast Asian nations to submit program proposals that prepare for natural disasters and adverse effects of climate change in their communities. One-year projects offer up to $25,000 and two-year projects up to $50,000 will be considered. Submission deadline is August 31, 2014.

Organizations and projects based in the following 6 countries are eligible:

  • Bangladesh
  • India
  • Indonesia
  • Myanmar
  • Philippines
  • Vietnam

Applicants must submit the following documents to Matt Grager at for consideration. Forms are available at

  1. Organizational Intake Form
  2. Concept Note Form (The Concept Note should not exceed 3 pages, and must address all requested information.)
  3. Budget Template

For more details on project and submission criteria, please go to our program page.

Written by Merry Pham