Preserving Filipino Identity through the Traditional Arts

While well-known in the Philippines as an acclaimed artist and performer, here at Give2Asia, Grace Nono is foremost the founder and leader of the Tao Foundation for Culture and Arts, one of Give2Asia’s fiscal sponsorship partners. In an article from Positively Filipino, Nono shares her journey through the arts, and how her search for greater meaning in her music led her to a greater understanding of Filipino identity, heritage, and community.

Nono’s activism began with a lesson in traditional storytelling and oration within indigenous Filipino communities. This provided the blueprint for her commitment over the last twenty years to promote cultural literacy through the Tao Foundation. The Foundation uses its platform to connect to wider audiences through seminars, workshops, and research publications. It has also nurtured a network of artists, educators, social workers, indigenous communities, and local government units. Nono and the Foundation’s dedication to cultural literacy is driven by an understanding of the importance of local cultural and ancestral knowledge to Filipino identity, history, and the future of Filipino culture and tradition.

In 2012, the Foundation’s activity center was destroyed by Typhoon Pablo. To assist them in their rebuilding and reconstruction, please visit