Meet The Team: Josephine

 Josephine working remotely in Ann  Arbor, Michigan

Josephine working remotely in Ann Arbor, Michigan

We'd like you all to get to know us better and learn more about the people who ensure that Give2Asia's programs and services are running smoothly and of the highest quality. This month, we interviewed our Business Operations Manager, Josephine, about her work with Give2Asia, her interests, hobbies, and personal goals. Let's continue our staff/intern interview series with Josephine!

1. How did you get involved with Give2Asia?

Through Erin Morioka, a previous Give2Asia employee. We both went to the same MBA school, which had an international focus for global citizens like us. What attracted me the most to G2A was the fact that we have on-the-ground field advisers with an emphasis on "local knowledge counts". It's a rare and distinguishing characteristic that a lot of other NGOs, governments, etc lack.

2. What’s been your favorite Give2Asia project?

The first few weeks of the Nepal disaster still amazes me about G2A. We had our local field adviser giving details often missing from the major news channels, the Center for Disaster Philanthropy had a Nepal webinar where the panelists specifically recommended G2A for contributions that would impact change in the region, and Facebook's pledge to help in the disaster led to the start of G2A's partnership with the social network. The level of performance by the G2A staff is always outstanding, but those early days of the disaster made me realize that we have a really great team

3. What do you do when you’re not working for G2A?

Trying to plan a wedding! If you're ever looking for a quick way to lose sleep, gain weight, and waste time on the most minute details (eg. napkin folds), then I would recommend organizing a wedding.

4. Where have you been to in Asia?

Seoul and the DMZ, Shanghai, Ho Chi Minh, Singapore, Taiwan, and Indonesia.

5. If you could visit any country in Asia, where would you go?

Burma/Myanmar. It's untouched by tourism, but I also want to be there to witness the evolution of the country.

6. What’s the one thing people should know about Give2Asia?

If there is an Asian organization you want to support but need US 501c3 status for company matching or just want some type of due diligence, Give2Asia provides this service. We have field advisers in countries from Mongolia to New Zealand. We check to ensure your contribution reaches the organization and for its intended purpose

7. Favorite non-English word?

Soto ayam. I worked on a consulting project in Jakarta back in 2013, and this word brings back all the warm memories from my time there.

8. Favorite phone app?

Whatsapp. When I was in Jakarta, I needed a Bahasan translator for some field work research. I texted a friend in San Francisco using the app, and within 45 minutes was planning a meeting with a contact that eventually became our translator. This app saved our project.

I still use Whatsapp to keep in touch with family and friends all over the world. We can share photos and videos privately, and feel connected even though we're miles apart.

9. Egg Rolls or Spring Rolls?


10. Star Wars or Star Trek?


11. Last song you listened to?

I've Got a Woman by Ray Charles

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