Disaster Preparedness: Views from the Epicenter

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Image via Shutterstock

Two years ago, the world reacted when two massive earthquakes struck Nepal and destroyed entire areas around Kathmandu and whole villages in hard-to-reach mountain regions. With international partnerships, many affected communities have been able to recover, while others still struggle even after the eyes of the global community have turned elsewhere. These and other parts of Asia are the most natural disaster-prone region in the world. How can the international community do more than just react to the next disaster? What does community-led disaster prevention look like in Asia and how is technology being harnessed to address these needs?

During the panel discussion on Tuesday, March 28, “Disaster Preparedness: Views from the Epicenter”, Birger Stamperdahl, CEO and President of Give2Asia, Isaac Bekalo, President of the International Institute of Rural Reconstruction, and Meena Palanappian, Founder and CEO of Atma Connect will discuss the future of disaster preparedness while examining what resiliency looks in the face of limited resources on the ground. With experience spanning the globe, these experts will lead a discussion on how Asia’s communities are rebuilding and preparing in anticipation of future catastrophes. These innovations will have planning implications for not only Asia but the rest of the world in years to come.

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When: Tuesday, March 28, 2017, 6:30pm-7:30pm

Where: World Affairs Auditorium, 312 Sutter Street, Suite 200, San Francisco, CA.

Speakers: Isaac B. Bekalo, Meena Palanappian, and Birger Stamperdahl.

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