Join Three Conferences for Disaster Preparedness in Asia

Give2Asia and the International Institute for Rural Reconstruction (IIRR) have joined together to work on the NGO Disaster Preparedness Program, which is a three-year program aimed at strengthening community-level disaster preparedness in Asia. The program will do so through financial support of the most innovative and effective disaster preparedness initiatives in at-risk communities in Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Myanmar, the Philippines and Vietnam.

To facilitate the program, IIRR and Give2Asia is organizing three conferences with key stakeholders for two purposes: 1) gather important ideas and recommendations on local disaster preparedness situation and 2) identify projects that the NGO Disaster Preparedness Fund will support. Overall, the inputs from the conferences will help establish shared learning across Asia and grant making for the project's Disaster Preparedness Fund. The Fund will support one-year projects for up to $25,000 and two-year projects for up to $50,000. The three conferences will bring stakeholders from two countries together in one venue. The schedule is as follows:

  1. July 2-4 – Philippines and Indonesia; venue will be in the Philippines
  2. July 29-31- Bangladesh and India; venue in Bangladesh
  3. August 26-28 week- Myanmar and Vietnam; venue will be in Myanmar

The first conference on July 2-4 is coming up! We invite groups to join the discussion and present at the conference. Go to our conference page for program and application details. Please fill out the Case Story Intake Form and submit the form via email with the subject line Disaster Preparedness Conference to: Wilson J. Barbon Project Manager, NGO Disaster Preparedness Program International Institute of Rural Reconstruction Email: