Meet The Team: Macy

 Our Programs Intern Macy hard at work!

Our Programs Intern Macy hard at work!

We'd like you all to get to know us better and learn more about the people who ensure that Give2Asia's programs and services are running smoothly and of the highest quality. This month, we interviewed our Programs intern, Macy, about her work with Give2Asia, her interests, hobbies, and personal goals. Let's begin our staff/intern interview series with Macy!

1. How did you get involved with Give2Asia?

I was on vacation in the Bay Area from the Philippines when I learned about the Give2Asia Programs internship opportunity. I was interested in Give2Asia’s work because of the variety of causes they're able to support all around Asia - such as education, health, and women’s rights. I've been working in the nonprofit sector for a while and I've always been interested in international development work. The internship seemed like a great avenue to learn more about the field, and it absolutely was.

2. What’s been your favorite Give2Asia project?

During my internship, I particularly enjoyed participating in the Give2Asia Chinese New Year Event which brought together G2A supporters. It was a wonderful event that celebrated not just the new year but the significant work that has been done in Asia through the support of individuals and organizations that share a common cause with G2A.

3. What do you do when you’re not working for G2A?

When I'm not working at G2A, I'm attempting to cross off items in my list of places to see in the Bay Area. In my spare time, I usually have my nose buried in a book or trying to discover new music.

4. Where have you been to in Asia?

I still have many countries in Asia I'd like to explore, but so far I've been to Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, and Thailand. For a few months, I was in Malaysia to teach HIV awareness to secondary students.

5. If you could visit any country in Asia, where would you go?

I would definitely go to China because I find their culture, and history very fascinating.

6. What’s the one thing people should know about Give2Asia?

G2A is a thought leader on issues in Asia by supporting projects that attempt to solve many social problems today.

7. Favorite non-English word?

This is probably a biased opinion but I find Filipino a very beautiful language. In particular, the word that comes in mind is Bayanihan, which is the spirit of communal unity. I think the concept can resonate beyond language or culture, and could apply to any instance where humanity unites in the face of diversity.

8. Favorite phone app?

As of late, I've been enjoying using the Kindle app. Although I'll always prefer the feel and smell of a book, an app like Kindle is perfect for when I'm on the go and I don't feel like lugging a heavy book.

9. Winter or Summer?

As beautiful as the winter is, I prefer the warmth of a good summer day, and going to the beach.

10. Math or History?

History. I find it interesting how events have changed our world view, and our understanding of humanity.

11. Most memorable meal

My most memorable meal so far is experiencing my first ever all-American Thanksgiving dinner, and having a taste of turkey and eggnog.