Going Green From Bay to Bay: Hong Kong’s Green Monday is coming to San Francisco

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – As climate change and food insecurity crises worsen at an alarmingly fast pace, the need for change has never been higher and more urgent. Despite record-setting economic growth, drastic reductions in absolute poverty, expanding urbanization, industrialization, and a rising middle class, the Asian Development Bank estimates that Asia is still home to more than 60% of the world’s hungry.  In Hong Kong, one organization is doing something about it.

Founded by Francis Ngai and David Yeung, Green Monday is an platform that brings together corporations, individuals, academia, and the media to promote sustainable, healthy living. The organization began as an SVhk (Social Venture Hong Kong) initiative to promote “Meatless Mondays” in Hong Kong, but now the platform influences the behavioral habits of 1.6 million people on a weekly basis. 

On October 31, San Francisco-based Give2Asia will host Green Monday’s co-founders at The San Francisco Foundation from 12-2, gathering key stakeholders to help Green Monday expand their operations into other Asian countries, and the United States.

"Through the Green Monday platform, global corporates, universities, government and the food and beverage industry all joined to provide sustainability and green choices together,” said Green Monday Executive Director Elaine Siu. “This model has proven quite successful. In less than two years, 23 percent of Hong Kong’s population is now practicing Green Monday. The challenge is to now extend this formula to different parts of the world by building strategic partnerships with diverse stakeholders.”

During their tour through the United States, Green Monday’s co-founders will meet with numerous universities including Columbia University, which has already launched Green Monday, Stanford University, Yale University, and UC Berkeley, as well as many food technology companies. 

“We look forward to a successful launch of Green Monday in the U.S. to bring awareness of this imminent threat and the possible solutions to more people,” expressed Ms. Siu over the phone. “This is a global issue that can only be addressed together.”

To register for Green Monday’s briefing hosted by Give2Asia at the San Francisco Foundation, please visit http://www.give2asia.org/green-monday

About Green Monday

Green Monday is a social enterprise group that promotes and enables green, healthy and sustainable living. Through promoting vegetarian diets and food rescue initiatives, Green Monday is a platform that enables corporations, restaurants, schools, and the general public to join efforts in reducing our carbon footprint and performing our social and environmental responsibilities.

About Give2Asia

Give2Asia makes international grant making safe, effective, and impactful. Since its founding in 2001, Give2Asia has raised a quarter of a billion dollars in gifts and donations from corporate, foundation, and individual donors for community partners in Asia. Give2Asia has demonstrated its effectiveness in serving the needs of international philanthropy with its on-the-ground presence, knowledge of diverse social and economic conditions, and the expert matching of donor interests with innovative and effective grantees 

About SVhk

Social Ventures Hong Kong (SVhk) is the social incubator and investor of Green Monday. SVhk is Hong Kong's first venture philanthropy organization dedicated to support social purpose organizations and social enterprises. Founded in 2007, SVhk has supported over 20 portfolio ventures targeting various social causes. With a network of over 500 professional volunteers, SVhk and its portfolio projects have leveraged over US$12 million impact capital. In addition to Green Monday, Diamond Cab (barrier-free taxi for wheelchair users) and Light Be (affordable housing rental scheme for families in poverty) are proven cases of social investing to achieve sustainability and impact.