Give2Asia's first #GivingTuesday


Here at Give2Asia, we believe that there is no limit to the power of community-led philanthropy, where local communities -- those with the most personal stakes -- are empowered decision-makers to create sustainable solutions to tough challenges. It's with this in mind that we just wrapped up our first ever #GivingTuesday season and we're so heartened to see the spirit of giving alive and thriving in our community of friends and donors. In the spirit of the season, we thank everyone who donated their time, voice, and money to help us make our first #GivingTuesday a memorable one!

For those that are not familiar,  #GivingTuesday is the Tuesday following Black Friday and Cyber Monday. It was designated as a global day of giving to change the pace from the widely recognized days of sales prior, and to mark the beginning of the most charitable season of the year.  This year, Give2Asia launched a campaign based on supporting some of our most critical and impactful work. Scroll below to learn more about our partners in Education, Disasters, and Community Empowerment below, as well as about our active projects in need of funding.

Week 1: A Focus on Education

We've helped provide education at all levels, from youth to adult, and from general education to specific fields, such as rice farming, water sanitation, and entrepreneurial. We believe the cornerstone of a happy, self-sufficient community lies in the education of its people, and to that end, we chose to highlight our partners in education. To see all our partners working in this field, click here.

Week 2: A Focus on Disasters

Many areas in Asia face frequent, even recurring natural disasters, and often, donations dwindle as the plight of these peoples lose coverage by media. To address this, Give2Asia uses a three pronged program when addressing disasters. We contribute to immediate relief efforts, known as disaster relief, but also will park money to periodically disperse and support long-term recovery. We also target specific areas that are most at-risk of disasters and prepare them for disasters - identifying needs, building infrastructure, and training the local community. To see all our partners working in this field, click here.

Week 3: Projects in Need of Funding

A new initiative that has been very well received by the community, our projects are pre-defined solutions to community issues that are waiting for funds. These solutions already have a timeline and specific goals, rely heavily on our local partners, and target problems identified by the local populace. Due to the nature of these projects, we are choosing to crowdfund for them. To see our list of projects in need of funding, click here.

Week 4: A Focus on Community Empowerment

A wide range of work falls under community empowerment - the underlying goal remains the same, however, and that is to give a community their own means to succeed. From providing basic needs like food and shelter to training vocational skills, Give2Asia has fostered the development of society at every stage. To see all our partners working in this field, click here.