Give2Asia Sichuan Earthquake Fund 2013

Update: August 27, 2013

Following the Sichuan Ya’an earthquake on April 20 2013, Give2Asia has raised $3.5 million from hundreds of individual and corporate donors for the recovery of affected communities. Of that total, more than $1.1 million was contributed to the Give2Asia Sichuan Earthquake Fund 2013. Detailed report on the Fund will be released at the one year anniversary of the disaster.

As of 23 Aug 2013, the fund has supported four projects with $414,000 in grants:

1) A grant to China Social Entrepreneur Foundation, to support Temporary Housing Project in 4.20 Sichuan Earthquake Area. The project will target 236 households in Fenghuang Village, 134 in Lingguan Town, 171 in Modao Village, and 289 in Luojia Village.

2) A grant to NGO Disaster Preparedness Center, to support Ya'an Children Disaster Preparedness & Response Education Project. The project will conduct three main activities in 20 stations of Yucheng District, Lushan County, Baoxing County, and Tianquan County of Ya'an City, including Training of Trainers (TOT) sessions for education providers, on-site disaster preparedness garden parties, and classroom education using the children’s disaster tool kits.

3) A grant to NGO Disaster Preparedness Center, to support Post-Disaster Community Service in Yuxi Village Project. The center will be located in a temporary pre-fabricated house provided by the China Social Assistance Foundation (CSAF). This project will equip the center with a library and entertainment facilities. It will also be a venue for community events, day-care services and activities for the elderly and children. The project will also offer disaster preparedness and life security education for children; health education lectures and life skills trainings for senior villagers, while training 10 volunteers who will assist in the center operation.

4) A grant to China Foundation Center, to support Online Dynamic Information Disclosure of Ya'an Earthquake Relief & Recovery Project. The project will support the build-up and maintenance of an online information disclosure platform including database and information system, a set of indexes and an operational manual; online and offline promotion activities including annual meeting, workshops and media engagements, and publication of an evaluation report at the end of the project. The project aims to promote and improve the level of transparency of Chinese foundations on the usage of donations received as part of major philanthropic efforts through systematized and self-led online information disclosure mechanism based on standard indexes.