Give2Asia Launches Disaster Recovery Efforts for Earthquake in Yunnan

August 9, 2014 - SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Give2Asia, a San Francisco-based public charity, is partnering with local charitable groups in China for disaster recovery following August 3, 2014 earthquake in Yunnan. Individuals and institutions wishing to support the local effort can make donations at

By 15:00 August 8, following the 6.5 magnitude quake in Ludian County, Yunnan Province, 617 people are reported dead, 3,143 injured and 112 missing, according to the State media. Ludian County is recognized by the national government as being one of the most impoverished regions in the country.  Predominantly made of wood and bricks and , nearly 80,900 homes collapsed, 129,100 were severely damaged, and 466,100 were partially damaged. Initial estimates suggest that nearly 1.1 million people were affected in all. 

Based on initial assessments by Give2Asia’s staff in Beijing, the government and local nonprofits are addressing a number of immediate needs. Urgent relief needs include tents, foods, medical and rescue supplies. Short-to-medium term needs include infrastructure repairs, and psycho-social programs for those experiencing psychological trauma could be huge.

To learn more about Give2Asia’s Yunnan Earthquake 2014 efforts, visit


Give2Asia has responded to nearly 40 natural disasters in the Asia Pacific region during the past 10 years, including three in China. Give2Asia’s strategy is to support recovery by partnering with local groups based within affected communities and to engage in multi-year programs to support rebuilding, economic recovery, psychosocial programs and other needs that may arise following a disaster. Give2Asia reports back to donors on every dollar spent. Learn more about Give2Asia's disaster response strategy at
Contributions to the Yunnan Earthquake 2014 Fund go to support mid and long-term recovery efforts of affected communities. Organizations or individuals interested in supporting through advised grants to local charitable organizations should contact Give2Asia by emailing