Give2Asia is starting long-term disaster recovery projects in Nepal

Deadliest disaster in country’s history

The two earthquakes on April 25 and May 12 are now confirmed as the deadliest disaster in Nepals history. The 7.8-magnitude quake on April 25 and 7.3-magnitude aftershock on May 12 affected more than 8 million people and claimed the lives of over 8,000. Entire villages were destroyed by avalanches triggered by the earthquake and millions of people still remain in urgent need of basic assistance, shelter, and food. Almost a month after the initial quake, many rural areas have yet been reached by aid teams, hindered by the rocky terrain. As the monsoon season approaches, the future of those who lost their homes remains uncertain.

An already weak economy, the economic losses in the disaster exceed Nepals national GDP, emphasizing the importance of international aid. The primary focus of the international community has been on immediate relief, but it will take many years for Nepal to get back on its feet, and it is imperative that the work done today reflects that reality.

Giving to long-term recovery

Give2Asia has responded to over 40 natural disasters in the Asia-Pacific region, helping organizations and individuals in the United States maximize the impact of their donations by funding local organizations based in affected areas. Doing this ensures that the impact of contributions last for years, not merely days or months. Even today, organizations Give2Asia worked with following the Indian Ocean Tsunami in 2004, the deadliest natural disaster of all time, are still supporting the communities they began working with over a decade ago.

Give2Asia believes local organizations are the most capable when identifying local needs and developing projects that encourage greater participation from the communities they support. Unlike larger international organizations or agencies, local organizations are unable to relocate if projects prove unsuccessful, meaning they must live with the decisions they make in the aftermath of a disaster. Additionally, funding these types of organizations help keep resources committed to the cause that the initial donation was made to support, while building out the capacity of the local groups implementing the project. This helps improve the services they provide to communities they serve long after the natural disaster.

Give2Asia’ 2015 Nepal Earthquake Recovery Fund

Immediately after the first earthquake on April 25, Give2Asia launched the Nepal 2015 Earthquake Recovery Fund. Currently Give2Asia is working with The Asia Foundation to identify local partners to identify and prioritize needs. Given initial assessments, Give2Asia’s long-term recovery efforts will focus on accessibility of quality education and health care, psychosocial programs, livelihood projects, and supporting vulnerable groups, such as pregnant women, children, and elderly.

While the main focus is on long-term recovery, Give2Asia has made several grants to support the immediate relief efforts via organizations affected by disaster to get back on their feet and to provide emergency supplies to the communities that they are based.

One grant was made to help rehabilitate a center of human trafficking and sexual abuse survivors run by Shaki Samuha, in Sindhupalhcowk District. The center was damaged by the earthquakes, and the grant will help it to continue providing emergency supplies, food, and, medical support for families, women, and children for a period of six months.

Give2Asia has also made a grant to the Womens Rehabilitation Center to provide services to mothers with infants and adolescent girls affected by the earthquakes in ten district in Nepal.

Another grant was made to support The Association of Community Radio Broadcasters  for technical and structural repairs to Nepals damaged radio broadcasting systems. These systems are critical for reconnecting with the rural areas that are cut off due to the earthquakes and following landslides.

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