The Karen Hilltribes Trust project is Fully Funded!

Community Health Project: Fully-Funded!

We are thrilled to announce that the Karen Hilltribes Trust has reached their fundraising goal of US$ 22,000 for the "Transforming Community Health for the Karen Hilltribes" project! Now, a village of 350 Karen people in Northwest Thailand will have access to clean drinking water and sanitary latrines to stop the spread of waterborne illnesses in their community. Your generosity has made this project possible, and we thank you for your support!

This achievement marks the first project in Give2Asia's new Projects In Need of Funding initiative to be fully-funded, but there are many more projects that still need your support! Click here to browse through a current list of other exciting projects in Asia that you can support with a tax-deductible contribution. 

  Photos taken by the Karen Hilltribes Trust

Photos taken by the Karen Hilltribes Trust


Food Security Project: In Need of Funding!

If you would prefer to continue supporting the Karen Hilltribes Trust, we have a brand-new funding opportunity to share with you! Help us continue supporting the Karen people by spreading the word about their Food Security for the Karen Hilltribes project.  This project will help 3-4 Karen villages respond to increasingly unpredictable weather patterns by building the infrastructure necessary to convert the region's rainfall into a reliable year-round water supply. A reliable irrigation system will increase crop yields for villages that are currently unable to produce more than 40% of their annual food needs, leading to improved health and financial security. 

Let’s keep up this support for the Karen people. Please encourage those in your network to make a tax-deductible donation. Contributions of any size are welcome, and will move us closer to our goal of providing 3-4 villages with the water supply they need to become food secure.