Barefoot College: Solar Training Workshop (VIDEO)

Give2Asia's Director of Grantmaking Services, Kalsang Tashi loves TED Talks. In particular, she loves this TED Talk by Barefoot College founder, Bunker Roy:

In early 2012, Give2Asia helped fund the Barefoot College with a donation from  the Sanctuary Fund. The grant went to rural communities living in remote, hilly, desert and tribal parts of the country that lack access to both grid connectivity and readily available kerosene for very basic lighting. Barefoot College approach provided villages a community based solution of solar energy. It created an affordable and clean energy source to be installed, maintained, and repaired by trained Barefoot Solar Engineers. Barefoot College has since provided solar lighting to 15,000 rural families, 483 night schools in 648 villages in 16 states.

Check out the video here :

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