2015 Program Excellence Award Recipients

October 2015 - Give2Asia's 2015 Program Excellence Award Recipients are chosen based on a combination of 1) long-term commitment to effective programs in their area of focus; 2) a demonstrated ability to passionately innovate and expand new programs; and 3) a clear vision for further impact in areas relevant to Give2Asia's partner community.

We are pleased to announce seven organization that have received the Give2Asia 2015 Program Excellence Award:

Bright Star Mobile Library

2015 Program Excellence Award Recipient - Pakistan

Saeed A. Malik decided to act on his dream of educating the young generation and infusing them with knowledge after serving as an international civil servant with the United Nations for over 25 years. His aim was to provide children with books that entertain, inform, and evoke their curiosity; helping them develop awareness of the world around them, while fostering questioning minds and promoting tolerance.

Malik’s novel initiative comes as the launch of a mobile library for children, called the Bright Star Mobile Library. The library is presently established inside two vans that carry over 1,000 books and patrol primary and junior schools in the rural areas of Islamabad, keeping vigilant for prospective borrowers and learners. LEARN MORE & DONATE:  Learn more and please support their good work.

China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation

2015 Program Excellence Award Recipient - China

Since its founding, CFPA has raised nearly 900 million Yuan for more than 200 poverty reduction projects, directly helping 2 million poor people. CFPA is currently implementing five poverty reduction projects including microfinance, maternal and infant health, the New Great Wall, Project Angel, and various disaster relief efforts.

As China’s largest non-governmental organization, CFPA is able to effectively reduce poverty for poor communities in China through various grassroots management initiatives. The disaster relief projects in particular have been very successful in providing recovery during Indonesian tsunamis, U.S. Hurricane Katrina, the Pakistan earthquake, typhoon in Burma, Haiti earthquake, tsunami in Japan, and several others. Due to this disaster preparedness infrastructure, Give2Asia has partnered with CFPA for disaster relief efforts in Nepal. 

International Institute of Rural Reconstruction

2015 Program Excellence Award Recipient - Philippines

Founded in 1960 by Dr. YC James Yen, IIRR is a rural development organization working in Africa and Southeast Asia. IIRR focuses on people-centered development through capacity building for impoverished individuals and their communities. IIRR programs cover education, food security, asset building, environmental protection, and applied learning and trainings. Customized courses and trainings address various themes like natural resources, gender and development, business development, organizational development and participatory approaches.

As President of IIRR, Isaac Bekalo takes a lead role in strategy formulation; organizational development; strategic management; and business plan development, monitoring, and evaluation. Isaac built IIRR’s Africa Regional Center from scratch by mobilizing resources, building strong teams, and establishing a presence in four East African countries. Isaac has 25 years of practical experience in community and organizational development, management, and leadership. LEARN MORE & DONATE: Learn more and please support their good work.

Agastya International Foundation

2015 Program Excellence Award Recipient - India

Founded in 1999, Agastya International is an innovative organization that brings science education to poorly funded schools in rural and urban regions across 14 Indian states. It is one of the largest science education programs that caters to economically disadvantaged children and teachers in the world. Agastya provides disadvantaged and at-risk K-12 grade students, especially girls, with an opportunity to engage in learning through mobile science labs. Its mission is to spark curiosity, creativity and leadership among students and teachers alike.

Ramji Raghavan, an India based social-innovator and entrepreneur, and one of the founders of Agastya, was elected as a senior fellow by Ashoka: Innovators for the Public in 2009. Under his guidance, Agastya won the Google Global Impact Award in 2013 for its TechlaBike project to provide science equipment and digital resources to children in rural India. LEARN MORE & DONATE: Learn more and please support their good work.

Guiuan Development Foundation, Inc.

2015 Program Excellence Award Recipient - Philippines

Guiuan Development Foundation, Inc. (GDFI) plays an important role in working with local communities in the Philippines to help them see the important long-term benefits of preserving and restoring at-risk natural habitats. Founded by Marge de la Cruz over 25 years ago, GDFI has played a unique role in merging the areas of ecological restoration with community organization to achieve community resilience for residents of Guiuan and the surrounding areas. Since Typhoon Yolanda hit in 2013, GDFI has partnered closely with Give2Asia on an integrated recovery program that has improved the lives of island fishermen and helped prepare them for disasters to come. LEARN MORE & DONATE: Learn more and please support their good work.

YouChange Foundation

2015 Program Excellence Award Recipient - China

The China Social Entrepreneur Foundation, or YouChange Foundation, is an innovator in social enterprise dedicated to establishing and supporting a neo-philanthropy network of leaders, and creating a sustainable platform for cross-sector cooperation. Working largely with entrepreneurs to educate, encourage, and direct their philanthropic giving to alleviate poverty, YouChange is a leader and advocate in social value investing.

Since 2011, YouChange Foundation has been among the top of various transparency indexes tracking Chinese foundations and social organizations. By the end of 2013, YouChange had 1) independently developed and implemented 11 innovative platform projects such as YouChange Volunteer Station, Eagle Plan, Evergreen Volunteer Teaching, and Startup Café; 2) financed 148 social organizations; and 3) brought benefits to people in 21 provinces in China. 

Narada Foundation

2015 Program Excellence Award Recipient - China

Founded in 2007, the Narada Foundation is  dedicated to supporting civil society in China. The Narada Foundation pays close attention to the social problems in China as it transitions from a developing to developed country. The foundation finances public service projects to promote social innovation, and helps achieve social equality and harmony. 

The Narada Foundation’s main focus is on education for migrant children, which is a social problem that demands prompt resolution and will greatly influence the future of China. Under its innovative New Citizen Plan, the Narada Foundation is funding the construction of 100 “New Citizen Schools” over a period of 5 to 10 years in order to provide migrant children with equal access to education and opportunity.