2013 CSR Asia Summit in Bangkok, Thailand

On September 17-18th , The CSR Asia Summit was held in Thailand’s capital city of Bangkok. The summit brought business leaders and experts together from 31 countries to identify key challenges and potential solutions that better integrate sustainable corporate social responsibility (CSR) into business models, build relationships with key partners, and protect brand reputations while addressing Asia’s sizable social and environmental challenges. The two days were split into four programs that included 1) responsible growth, 2) inclusive development, 3) practical solutions, and 4) visioning the future.

The conference also highlighted organizations that have set examples in creating positive economic, environmental, and social impact through commitment to annual sustainability.

Of these organizations, Coca-Cola’s drive to empower five million women through their value chain by 2020, New Britain Palm Oil’s use of “Free Prior” and “Informed Consent” principles to engage local communities in Papua New Guinea, Levi Strauss’ investment in its workers throughout its supply chain, and Fuji Xerox documented commitment to the environment were among the highlights of the conference.

CSR Asia will be celebrating its 10th anniversary during the 2014 Hong Kong Summit.

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