Administrative Fees

To cover administrative expenses, Give2Asia charges up to a 10% fee on the total amount of funds raised (Give2Asia will charge 10%, if total funds raised is less than $24,999; 7% for the first $100,000; 2% for the next $400,000; and 1% for the next $500,000 – that’s right, the more you raise, a larger percentage of funds will  go to the Asia Injury Prevention Foundation!).

Contributors can contribute from anywhere in the world. Depending on the currency of the contributions, contributors may bear the exchange rate and any additional exchange charges as determined by their credit card.

Give2Asia Grantmaking Fee
If total amount raised is:
Less than $24,999 10%
First $100,000 7%
Next $400,000 2%
Next $500,000 1%
After $1 million 0.5%

Third Party Fees
PayPal Transactions 2.2%
Credit Card Processing 30 cents per transaction